Your international grocery store

At Supermarché Mourelatos, our departments offer you the ingredients you need to prepare your meals, as well as a selection of imported products that will take your taste buds on a journey of discovery of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavours, at prices that will whet your appetite!

In the supermarket or online, our selection features an abundance of flavours and freshness.

From one department to another, our food offers superior quality at the lowest prices.


Our produce is exceptionally fresh and of excellent quality, whether from Quebec or the other side of the world. To meet demand, we offer one of the most varied and complete produce counters anywhere in Montreal and Laval!

You will be impressed by the wide selection, quality, freshness and prices of the items in our produce section.

Deli meats and cheeses

Our cheeses and deli products are imported from all around the world, in addition to products from Quebec, allowing us to offer an unparalleled choice to satisfy all palates.

We offer, among other things, the famous spicy spinach cheese imported from Greece. Come to the store to discover our vast range!


In addition to its complete grocery line, your Supermarché Mourelatos in Laval and in Montreal’s Ville Saint-Laurent offer a ready-to-eat counter stocked with ultra-fresh products, to eat on site or to take out.

Travel to the Mediterranean and the Middle East with products prepared right in our supermarkets. A world of flavours awaits you!

Meat and fish

The Mourelatos meat counter offers you a great selection of meats and poultry, all selected to offer only the finest quality and absolute freshness.

Furthermore, seafood lovers can find a vast selection of frozen fish and seafood.


Our grocery line stands out for its range of imported foods, including our house brand Greek Diamond, which includes a wide selection of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern products. We also offer exotic produce, high-quality Greek cheeses and many flavours from all around the world.

Whether from Quebec or local importers, they are of unrivalled quality and are offered at the best prices in the city!


Breads, pastries, cookies, desserts—at Supermarché Mourelatos, we offer you a typical Greek bakery. We use only top-quality products to make our breads and other baked treats.

Taste the famous Greek baklava, discover diplota, bougatsa, diples, kataifi and more!

Beers and wines

Like in many large supermarkets, this department has a large selection of grocery store wines and a well-stocked beer refrigerator. We offer local and imported beers to suit our customers’ tastes.